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buy ZENii Pro Collagen+ Powder at Beautology Online.

ZENii Pro Collagen+ Powder

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ZENii Pro Collagen+ Powder

ProCollagen Powder is a high strength (10,000mg) marine collagen powder ideal for adding into juices and smoothies to enhance your daily health regime.It contains Peptan marine collagen with added Vitamin C which helps to boost your skin, hair, nail, joint & bone health.


Ideal for: Beauty, anti-ageing, hair, nail, joint & bone health.



Directions for use

How to use:

Add 10g of powder per day into juices or smoothies or sprinkle onto foods.

Consult your Doctor before starting any dietary supplements to check for contraindications. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any medical problems please consult your Doctor or Healthcare Practitioner.


Allergy warning:  Contains Fish


Ingredients for ZENii Pro Collagen+ Powder:

Low molecular weight 2000D hydrolysed marine Collagen (types 1 & 3)


10,000mg per serving (2 scoops per day)


Hydrolyzed marine collagen type 1 & 3

Hydrolyzed collagen type 1 & 3 contains the amino acids: L-glycine, L-proline, L-alanine, L-hydroxyproline, L-glutamic acid, L-arginine, L-aspartic acid, L-serine, L-lysine, L-leucine, L-valine, L-threonine, L-phenylalanine, Lisoleucine, L-hydroxylysine, L-methionine, L-histidine, L-tyrosine, L-cysteine.