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buy Agera RX Oxy Infusion Cream at Beautology Online.

Agera RX Oxy Infusion Cream

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Agera RX Oxy Infusion Cream


This intensive anti-breakout cream has been formulated with 4.5% hydrogen peroxide formulation that has significant anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended that it is applied directly to the problem areas as a spot treatment. 

Directions for use

How to Use:

Apply Oxy Infusion Cream onto cleansed skin directly onto pimples and breakouts as a spot treatment. Apply Peptide Antibac Cream over the entire face afterwards. 


Key Ingredients: Stabilised 4.5% hydrogen peroxide


Ingredients for Agera RX Oxy Infusion Cream:

Aqua (Water) Cetyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Polysorbate 40, Sorbitan Palmitate