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Endocare Tensage Cream

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Endocare Tensage Cream


Endocare Tensage Cream contains an advanced natural growth factor which is particularly recommended to re-firm mature skin. The product also contains hygroplex and pentavitin which replicates the skins natural moisturising factor providing intensive and sustained lipid moisturisation.


Endocare Tensage Cream is a rich creamy gel specially designed for daily use on mature skin. Non-oily to the touch and rapidly absorbed it's unique formulation regenerates and helps re-firm mature and damaged skin, enhancing tautness and smoothness.

The Endocare skincare range’s unique SCA Biorepair Technology harnesses the power of nature to provide scientifically advanced regeneration of ageing and photo-damaged skin. A patented, pharmaceutical-like process results in a naturally derived dermoactive ingredient that harnesses this natural growth-factor regenerative power - SCA Biorepair Technology. SCA has been shown to increase the number and activity of fibroblasts (the skin’s generators of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid), build the underlying architecture of the skin and provide anti-oxidant activity against skin damaging free radicals. Regular and combined use of the range will regenerate the skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing and photo-damage.


Directions of use

Apply 1 to 2 times daily as directed by your aesthetic professional on cleansed skin, gently massaging until absorbed.


SCA Biorepair Technology: Repair Index 6, advanced skin regeneration.
Tensderm: Active phytoestrogens and calcium helping re-firm mature skin.
Hydronutritive complex: Hydrovyton 24, Hygroplex and Pentavitin replicate the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMF) to provide intensive and sustained lipid restoration and moisturisation.