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Fillerina Grade 4 Neck And Cleavage

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Fillerina Grade 4 Neck and Cleavage


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Are you looking to reduce lines and wrinkles and furrows on the neck and cleavage area? The Fillerina Grade 4 neck and cleavage Treatment is the perfect treatment kit for this concern and is also available at Beautology Aesthetic Clinic and Beautology Online Shop.


The Fillerina Grade 4 Neck & Cleavage kit is suitable for at home us and available in two different levels. This treatment that works great along side other fillerina treatments however also well alone. This product helps to reduce and soften lines and wrinkles around neck and cleavage area. This then leaves a filler affect without the use of the clinical procedure.

This is suitable for deep wrinkles and furrows on the neck and cleavage area helping to reduce sagging in the skin


Benefits of Fillerina Grade 4 Neck and Cleavage:

  • Reduces the appearance of circular wrinkles
  • Reduces deep furrows within the neck and cleavage area
  • Formulated with 8 forms of Hyaluronic Acid & 3 forms of Collagen


Recommendations: a deep cleansing on neck and cleavage areas can be done with Pre-Fillerina Cutaneous cleanser in cream before each application, in order to facilitate the perfect absorption of the active molecules.

To facilitate the action of the product, it is advisable to drink two glasses of water before the application of Fillerina Gel.

Applications should be repeated every 2-3 months.


Warnings: dermo-cosmetic treatment for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, do not swallow, do not inject, keep out of the reach of children, keep away from light and heat.

Size: 2 x 30ml

Directions for use

How to use: 

Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Gel + Nourishing Film shall be applied for 14 consecutive days.


Apply in the evening, by opening the bottle by removing the seal and cap. The measure out 1ml of gel for the neck and 1ml of gel for the cleavage, this then to be released into the furrows and wrinkles. The gel is then to be left for 10 minutes to give time for the product to work.

Follow with 2ml of Nourishing Film to be applied on neck and cleavage and massage gently until complete absorption. Repeat the application every evening for 14 days.