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buy Skin Republic Platinum + Diamond Powder Peel-Off Face Mask at Beautology Online.
buy Skin Republic Platinum + Diamond Powder Peel-Off Face Mask at Beautology Online.

Skin Republic Platinum + Diamond Powder Peel-Off Face Mask

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Beautology Online Shop are authorised Skin Republic Skincare stockists. Unsure of which products are best for you and your skin type? Click here to have a complimentary online consultation with one of our specialists or call us on 0117 2900 230 or email us at shop@beautology.co.uk for more information.

This peel-off face mask combines the anti-aging benefits of platinum with the deep cleansing properties of a peel-off face mask.

Platinum has an exceptionally high skin absorption rate, the particles chemically attach to active anti-aging ingredients helping them to penetrate deeper into the skin yielding better youth-renewing results. Combining this with the exfoliating properties of a 6 Fruit Acid Formula skin is left feeling silky smooth and luminous.


  • Contains real diamond powder
  • Helps prevent premature aging
  • Fruit acids gently exfoliate for a brighter, more luminous complexion

Directions of use

Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips.
Once completely dry, gently peel off mask starting from the outer edges.
Wash off any residue with water.
Follow with moisturiser or a Skin Republic Face Mask Sheet.


Platinum Powder

Collodial Platinum is believed to be one of highest antioxidant and antiaging ingredients available. Platinum is an amino polypeptide which penetrates the layers of the skin and assists in the production of the skin’s collagen and elastin. Collagen firms and supports the layers of the skin, while elastin provides flexibility allowing the face to bounce back after you smile or frown. Platinum has an exceptionally high absorption rate, and when they chemically attach to active anti-aging ingredients, those skin plumpers and line smoothers can penetrate deeper into the skin, yielding better youth-renewing results.


Grapefruit contains high levels of vitamin C helping to prevent the damaging effects of pollution, UV rays and other environmental stressors. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen increasing elasticity and smoothing fine lines and wrinkle. Grapefruit also contains retinol which makes your skin super-soft and treats pigmentation. Amino acids present in Grapefuit tighten and firm the skin.


Studies show that Aloe Vera improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself, aids in the removal of dead skin cells and has an effective penetrating ability that helps transport healthy substances through the skin. Aloe Extract encourages the production of the skins natural collagen and elastin thereby minimising the effects of aging. It also rich in antioxidants and is believed to potentially reduced the risks of UVB rays to the skin.


High in antioxidant properties with additional skin care benefits ranging from from UVA and UVB induced damage control, skin regeneration, hyper pigmentation control, and collagen production Pomegranate is a rich source of conjugated fatty acids and polyphenol, that lend the fruit potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging abilities – higher than that of Green Tea and red wine.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients and offers a variety of skin benefits. It not only helps with controlling water loss, but is also an excellent astringent. It also helps to stabilise the barrier function of the skin, reducing skin redness and has antioxidant properties.


Limes possess natural anti-bacterial properties, when applied topically Limes help keep spot causing bacteria at bay. A natural astringent, Limes help reduce the size of the skin’s pores. Limes contain natural fruit acids, making them an effective exfoliant in removing dead skin cells for a brighter more luminous complexion.


Raspberries are packed with antioxidants helping to prevent premature aging caused by free radicals. Raspberries also assist in preventing the damaging effects of the sun due to the presence of vitamin C found in raspberries. Raspberry contains tiliroside, a compound found to inhibit melanin production helping to reduce dark spots and pigmentation.


Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids and having powerful exfoliating and therapeutic properties. Orange Fruit extract helps to improve sun damaged skin, a major contributing factor to aging. Apart from ridding the skin of dead and damaged cells, Orange Fruit extract also has a hydrating effect on the skin. By increasing the moisture content of the upper layers of the skin it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and reduces dryness and flaking. Long-term use of low concentration AHA’s can also increase collagen and elastin synthesis and boost protein regeneration within the skin.


Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are vital for healthy skin. Beta-carotene is also a photo-protective agent and it quenches the photochemical reactions in the epidermis, thereby protecting the skin from the ultraviolet rays (48).Vitamin A is proven to help reduce excess oil production helping to clear acne. In addition, vitamin A encourages skin renewal and new skin growth helping to reduce the signs of aging.