Generic skin Consultation

We have so many options now to help prevent and reverse the signs of ageing. There are no more excuses for not being able to keep a youthful look because we know all the secrets now. Your skin starts to try and age as early as our mid – 20s. We start to get a few fine lines across the forehead, eyes and neck. If you do not do anything to help prevent this then these fine lines just keep getting worse, turning into wrinkles and then you may notice some sagging of the skin around your jawline when you are in your late 40s or early 50s if you're lucky.

This happens because as we get older our collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid start to breakdown and diminish. Our cell turn over slows down making it harder for your body to produce more and as quickly as it used to. When the process of the breakdown happens is when we start to notice that our skin structure, tone and texture are drastically changing. There are many factors that contribute to when the aging process starts to happen to you and how quickly it will proceed.

A major factor that contributes to how your skin will age is your genetics and hormones. These are biologicals and out of your control. There are factors however that we can help control to try and prevent the aging process. Sun exposure, diet, lifestyle, pollution, smoking, stress and sleep are all major factors to why we age. These are all manageable, let's break them down to how you can help avoid your skin aging.

Alongside with all of these factors we need to have a proper everyday skin regime to keep our skin clean, protected and help promote collagen production. Starting a skin regime at a young age, around puberty will give your skin the best chance it can get to stay youthful for longer. But it is also never too late to start one as well.

Here are a few most common questions asked about skin treatments. 

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend starting with a course of 3-6 treatments to start off. This allows us to really work on your concerns and get the desired results you want. Monthly treatments are then recommended to maintain the results. 

How many treatments will I need to see results? 

Results will vary from client to client, however we would expect to see results after a couple of months. 

Can I use high street products to get my results? 

The simple answer is no. We only use cosmeceuticals brands which are tried and tested. If you would like to know the difference between high street products and cosmeceutical brands click here 

Will I need to use products along side treatments?

We recommend everyone to be using the basic skincare (cleanser, SPF and toner). However, this can also change depending on you specific concern. This is really important along side your treatments to get the best results. To put it in simple terms, if you are trying to get in better shape going to the gym everyday is your treatments and the good diet you are eating are the homecare skincare products. You need both.. 

Is it too late to start treatments now? 

It is never to late to start. 

What’s the best treatment for healthier, glowing skin?

We bespoke all of our treatments based on our clients concerns. We believe using a variety of different technologies can get the best results then just using one. We have specialised treatments that involve different and multiple technologies. 

Are results instant? 

Results are never instant. However we would expect to see results after the prescribed course you are recommended. 

Can you get the same results as surgery? 

Unfortunately you can not get the same results as surgery. However, to get the result you want you may not need surgery - we have some amazing technologies that can get fantastic results.