The Beautology Philosophy

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Hey, we know that your skin is unique and with the thousands of skin products on the market it is a nightmare to find out what is right for you.

Our experience is 30 years in Skin Treatments, our expertise is in skin care and our passion is to help you achieve perfect skin with a skincare regime that is the best for your skin, forever!

With that in mind unless you are already addicted to a certain brand, the best way to be delighted with your decision is with The Beautology ‘3 Step Plan to Perfect Plan’:

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  1. First, have a complimentary Virtual Skin Consultation, where you can get all your questions answered and a skin expert can recommend the ideal products for your skin and the perfect skin regime.
  2. Second trial two samples for each product type for your skin with a ‘Skintime Trial Box’ to select your favourites
  3. Third either:

a) Proceed with the full sized products of your choice or

b) Join the Skintime Club where you receive all the perfect products you need for a fixed price