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No matter what skin type you are the chances are you have had a spot on your face, neck or chest and back. Spots are commonly known as pimples and if you get one every once in a while it can be easy to treat. If you get quite a few and often then that usually means you might have a level of acne. Spots can look like little red bumps and sometimes have a white head in the middle and can something be very painful. They can appear anywhere that there is a hair follicle also known as your pores. 

What causes spots

Spots occur when overactive oil glands produce an excess amount of oil that combines with dead skin cells to clog your pores. Clogged pores, in turn, cause bacteria to multiply, leading to skin breakouts and spots. Other possible causes for spots could be stress, unhealthy diet, or not having a regular skin regime and not washing your face after a sweaty workout. 

Tips to help prevent and clear spots

Do not pick at your spots. You could make them worse, spread the bacteria and risk leaving a scar. 

Try not to touch your face, the oils from your hands could be making your spots worse. 

Always wash your face in the morning, night and after a sweaty workout. 

Use products that help reduce excess oil if you are getting spots regularly. 

Try to reduce any everyday stress you might be having, doing meditation and deep breathing exercises can help. It is also important to eat a healthy balanced diet.

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