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If you feel your skin is always shiny on your t-zone even not long as you have washed it, it is because you have an oily skin type. Your t-zone spans from your forehead down your nose and sometimes over to the cheeks and chin.

Everyone’s skin produces oil, sometimes some people's skin over produces. A lot of people feel like no matter how much they wash and exfoliate their skin within a few hours their skin feels greasy again. A lot of people with oily skin are prone to breakouts if they do not exfoliate regularly.

When the oil mixes with dead skin in your pores that creates spots, which is why it is most important to exfoliate if you have oily skin. 

What causes Shiny Skin

There could be a few underlying reasons for why you have shiny skin, but the main one is genetics. Most likely one of your parents has oily and shiny skin which is why you would as well.

Another cause could be the weather. Summer time usually makes oily skin worse, being hot and humid can cause the oil glands to work more and stretch your pores.

Winter time is usually very dry which can unfortunately also cause your oil glands to over work themselves. 

Tips to help reduce shiny skin 

  • Don’t skip your moisturizer. Your skin still needs moisture even if you are oily and shiny. If you deprive your skin of the moisture it needs your oil glands are going to work harder thinking they need to produce more oil because there is no moisturizer. You just need to find one that balances your skin instead of making it feel greasier. 
  • Do not over exfoliate, 2 -3 times a week is enough. Find the right products that balance your skin and be consistent with using them. 
  • Use water based or natural mineral makeup that do not clog your pores. 
  • Drink lots of water, eat a healthy well rounded diet and reduce as much everyday stress as possible. 
  • Avoid touching your face, the oils from your fingers will only add to the oil on your face. 
  • Use blotting papers throughout the day instead of washing again.

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