A Dragon's Den Winner

A Dragon's Den Winner

How Tancream Made It to Dragon’s Den

Combining the desire for a beautiful bronzed tan with the fear of damaging your skin is a battle many people face.


If you are looking for a solution that combines sun protection with an effortless, bronzing tint, then Tancream could be the moisturiser for you.


Keep on reading to discover all about Tancream including where the idea came from, how it made its way to Dragon’s Den and the benefits this luxurious moisturiser can offer.


The story behind Tancream

51-year-old mum of two, Gillian Robson was diagnosed with melanoma in 2013 after she noticed a mark on the back of her leg.


Gillian said that the mole become dark and irregular over ten days. Her GP fast-tracked her through the NHS and the mole was removed. Within days she was undergoing surgery for skin cancer and has many moles removed since.


She believes her skin cancer dates back to when she used sun beds regularly in the beauty salon she used to run.


While suffering with skin cancer, Gillian Robson noticed a gap in the market for a product which offered the UV protection of sun cream combined with self-tanning, anti-ageing and moisturising properties.


This led her to partner up with friend Katy Foxcroft, who became co-founder of Tancream and together the pair worked hard to find out how to create a formula which allows people to tan safely while staying protected against the sun.


A long list of requirements was presented to various formulators and the pair were repeatedly pointed in the direction of sun care expert Dr Jack Ferguson who helped to develop a product which combined a high protection sun cream with a fake tan, thus creating Tancream.


The pair then appeared on Dragon’s Den in summer 2019, two years after founding their luxury self-tanning skincare product. With the help of two models, they conducted a live demonstration of the product.


This live demonstration was enough to convince Deborah Meaden and newcomer Sara Davies to try it themselves. Under UV lighting, they could immediately see the sun protection benefits, displayed by dark patches on the screen. 


After receiving outstanding feedback, Gillian and Katy opted for a joint proposal and walked away with a £75,000 investment.


What are the benefits of Tancream?

So, what sets Tancream apart from other sun creams on the market? Well, the combination of an SPF50 sun cream with fake tan means that you can look bronzed and beautiful while developing a healthy tan.

SPF50 is essential for all moisturisers because it keeps your skin protected from the sun’s powerful rays, reducing the risk of premature ageing, age spots and skin damage. 

Not only this, but Tancream boasts a natural bronzed tint so you can look tanned in an instant.

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