About Beautology

About Beautology

Established in 1990, Beautology is Bristol’s leading Skin and Laser Clinic we are a multi-award-winning aesthetics clinic with over thirty years’ experience in the industry. Our ethos has always been to provide bespoke, innovative and effective treatments that deliver visible results at great value.

All our treatments are based upon the latest advancements within non-surgical aesthetics using emerging techniques, clinical grade cosmeceuticals and cutting-edge technology. We believe achieving your best skin should be accessible, so we tailor our treatment plans to fit our clients’ needs, lifestyle and budget - there is no one size fits all approach to our care!

THE BEAUTOLOGY WORLD Dawn of a Dream Beautology was created because of a dream that was had by its founders Nick & April. A dream to build an exciting and special business with an outstanding reputation that would secure their family for the future. Hard work, creativity and risk taking enabled the business to grow. It had its setbacks as mistakes were made and lessons were learned, but the biggest lesson of all was that the only way for Nick and April to achieve their dreams was to help other people achieve their dreams. Initially it was clear that Beautology needed to help its clients achieve their Skin, hair and body dreams.

The more dedicated and passionate the Beautology team became in helping clients achieve their dreams the more clients wanted to come to Beautology and the more they told their friends. Systems and processes were created that enabled the team members to deliver consistent results for its clients and so the company grew. As it grew the company became more and more dependent upon its team members, no longer could April and Nick do all the work. It dawned on Nick and April that those team members who had passion for delivering great service for the clients were the ones that saw Beautology as a career, as way for them to get what they want in life, and with a great attitude they peak performed.


However those that saw their role as just a ‘job’ were not as motivated, didn’t perform as well and moved on from the company after a period of time seeing the grass is greener on the other side. It became very clear that for Beautology to be the vehicle for Nick and April to achieve their dreams, it also needs to be the vehicle for its team members to achieve their dreams as well. A vehicle that helps them be the best they can be, to strive for a better life with security, financial opportunity and a fun place to be. With this new clarity, Nick and April changed their role, no longer was it to look after the clients of Beautology, but it became being passionate about helping team members achieve their dreams which in turn sparked the team members passion to help the clients achieve their dreams. This in turn gave birth to ‘The Beautology World’. The core of the ‘Beautology World’ turned Beautology into a ‘dream machine’, a vehicle whose sole purpose is to enable the trilopgy of ‘clients, team members and its owners’ to achieve their dreams. When this became Beautology’s focus we realised that the trilogy were interdependent, in other words the achievement of each set of dreams (Clients, Team and owners) were wholly dependent upon each other achieving theirs.

The sum or the parts is greater than the whole. As clients achieve their golas – they become loyal, they return and they tell their friends. As team members achieve their dreams they passionately give peak performance to their clients, and provide expertise for the growth of Beautology into new clinics. As the owners achieve their dreams they offer education, a great work environment, a first class financial package and an opportunity to progress unseen in the industry.

We have a growing number of 15 aestheticians currently working at our Bristol Clinic.

If you would like to learn more about our expert aestheticians, click here to find out which product sold on our Beautology Shop is their favourite. 


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