Feel sexy and smooth all year around

Feel sexy and smooth all year around

Ditch the razors, waxing and ingrown hairs…


Has the thought of laser hair removal ever crossed your mind?

You may have heard myths and people throw around comments such as:

'Laser hair removal is painful'

Cool air is blown on the area at the same time to ensure maximum comfort.

'My hair will be gone after just one session'

Laser Hair Removal works through a series of sessions (we recommend a minimum of 6-8 sessions)

'This also causes ingrown hairs'

Since the beam targets the hair follicle it actually prevents ingrown hairs.

But how does laser hair removal work?

1. Laser light is shone onto your skin/hair and is absorbed into the pigment (Melanin) in the hair

2. The light energy travels down to the root where it changes to heat energy

3. The heat energy cauterises the blood supply to the root thereby destroying the hair follicle


No more hair!

Unlike other methods of hair removal, after a series of treatments, you will experience a significant reduction in hair growth or even permanent hair removal.

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