Your Skin Story | Jordanna

Your Skin Story | Jordanna

Don't just listen to us, we have some wonderful Clients, who are happy to share their experiences. One of them is the gorgeous Jordanna, she takes us through her skin story below...

Concern | Acne 

‘I decided to get acne treatment at Beautology and it was the best decision I ever made. I’ve been having regular treatments since April 2019 and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone there! Everyone is so lovely and so welcoming.

The advice I got and still get on my skin is always helpful and I’m always raving about it! 

I always thought I had oily skin and I needed to make it matt but I had oily skin because I was depriving my skin of the oil it needed, so it didn’t really help my spots! I thank Jen and the team so much for all the tips and tricks over the past two years. It has honestly helped me so much. People always ask me how I cleared my face and I literally tell them what I’ve been told and I couldn’t do that without Beautology! 

I don’t use primers or anything like that now, my skincare is my primer and it’s the best base! I cannot stress how important sun cream is too, I literally cannot leave the house without it!! 

Finding the products for acne is so important and doing your research! Finding Beautology, I was at a really low point in my life because of my acne, treatment actually changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful for that! It’s a place filled with love and kindness and everyone is always up for a chat and once I’m under that LED lamp I can have a nap - no judgment!’

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