Over 40 international brands and still growing...

Over 40 international brands and still growing...

Welcome to the Beautology Shop!

Beautology shop is our new and interactive online shop, where you can find a range of cosmeceutical products tailored to your skin concerns, goals and budgets.

We are authorized stockists of over 40 leading clinical brands, with formulas to improve skin conditions and concerns such as;

  • Ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne and so much more!

All of our skincare ranges have been hand picked by our skincare experts to ensure the best quality for you all.

This weekend we have a special offer – if you spendover £100 you receive a 15% discount.

We have a range of products and brands available, including:

Beautology Shop SKINCARE Range:

Image Skincare

Our leading clinical brand, image skincare utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas available. Combining active ingredients, botanical extracts, antioxidants, exfoliating acids, brightening agents and peptides to target any skin concerns.

AQ Skin Solutions

Skincare products formulated to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring the skins natural growth factors and proteins that diminish with age.

Bio- Therapeutic

Advanced skincare products and tools that are formulated to provide professional skin care at home to target a range of skin concerns.


Products aimed to prevent and slow down the ageing process through the intense stimulation of the skins natural repair mechanisms by potent active ingredients.


Every product in this cosmeceutical range contains a potent form of hyaluronic acid to help treat a number of skin conditions including acne, dehydration and ageing.


Products formulated to offer antimicrobial cleansing that is not irritating, harsh or sensitizing to the skin.

Cult 51

Skincare products created by a chemist and formulated with scientifically advanced ingredients to accelerate the skins natural regeneration process.


Skincare products formulated with advanced ingredients to provide immediate lifting and plumping effect to the skin.

DCL Skincare

Formulated by leading dermatologists, scientists and surgeons, DCL skincare contains active ingredients to address your specific skin concerns.


An alternative to injectables, fillerina is specially formulated with hyaluronic acid to visibly plump fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Gaylia Kristensen

Naturally derived and results driven skincare, formulated to create the most advanced anti-ageing products.


Vegan skincare and body care range that contains 100% natural and organic ingredients.


Vitamin bases skincare range using the highest quality ingredients to nourish the skin from both inside and out.

Mene & Moy

Products containing powerful concentrations of active ingredients combined with soothing and nourishing natural compounds to fight the effects of UV radiation, pollution and premature ageing.


A range of products formulated with exfoliating acids, NeoStrata can provide the solution to conditions such as severe hyperpigmentation, acne, ageing and dry skin.

Skinbetter Science

Award winning clinical products that are formulated using cutting-edge science and potent active ingredients to rejuvenate, protect, transform and refresh your skin.


Products designed to aid in the healing, regeneration and protection of delicate, ageing, pigmented and acne prone skin. All of the SkinTech products are suitable for very sensitive, damaged or delicate skin.

Skin Republic

A scientifically formulated and dermatologist tested range that combines active ingredients with natural plant extracts.


Utilizing the latest scientific research and pure active ingredients, Swisscode concentrated serums have been formulated to address a variety of skin concerns and can easily fit into any existing skincare routine.

Wrinkles Schminkles

Using 100% medical grade silicone to hydrate and soften wrinkles appearing on the face, chest, neck and décolletage.

Beautology Shop SUNSCREEN Range:


A brand completely dedicated to sun protection tailored for a range of skin types and concerns. Heliocare products include cream, gel and fluid sunscreens that are formulated using mineral and non-mineral filters to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.


The number 1 prescribed sunscreen range in the UK. Formulated to protect against the harsh Australian sun, SunSense offers the highest level of SPF to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.


A unique combination of sunscreen and self-tan, tancream products provide high SPF to protect against UV rays along with a tint of natural bronzer plus anti-ageing and moisturizing properties.

Beautology Shop SUPPLEMENTS Range:


A delicious anti-ageing collagen drink that has been scientifically formulated with marine collagen, vitamins and minerals to help you glow from within.


Multi-award winning collagen drinks formulated to boost your skins natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to improve the way your skin looks and feels within 30 days.


A range of advanced collagen supplements, skincare and wellbeing powders. Formulated with advanced science to optimize overall skin and body health.


Plant based and natural nutritional supplements to help reduce the signs of ageing by maintaining and rebuilding telomeres that diminishes with age.

Totally Derma

Anti-ageing collagen drink supplement designed to improve the signs of ageing by stimulating the body’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Beautology Shop BEAUTY TOOLS Range:


An FDA cleared at home LED treatment, used to treat wrinkles on the entire face and give the skin a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Sonic Facial Brush

An advanced facial cleansing brush with 3 amazing functions and speeds to help treat signs of acne, scarring, blackheads, wrinkles and dry skin.

Beautology Shop BEAUTY Range:

Amalian Lashes

Lash enhancement serum to nourish the lashes and stimulate growth of longer, thicker lashes in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Jane Iredale

A mineral makeup range that provides skincare benefits that is not offered by other conventional makeup products.

Instant Effects

A range of beauty products including lash enhancers and lip plumper’s that are formulated scientifically to provide instant effects.


A breakthrough post procedure range containing a lightweight foundation and reparative moisturizer to help cover, heal and minimize scarring, hyperpigmentation, dry patches, eczema, rosacea, burns and rashes.

QV skincare

Skin and body-care products formulated without drying and irritating ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

You Want My Lips

Plumping lip serum to provide immediate shine and fullness to your lips.

You can find more information on each brand and product information at Beautology Online Shop. Or book in for a consultation with one of our skincare experts to find the right products for your skin type and concerns!

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