Proto-col | The best supplements to take during a pandemic

Proto-col | The best supplements to take during a pandemic


Over the last year during the pandemic, many have found this to be an ideal time to take steps to build a routine that will keep them healthy. As always, exercise and eating a diet rich in the vitamins and nutrients your body needs are critical. But you might be missing the addition of supplements to help boost your immune system and keep your body working optimally.

Why take supplements though? You should ideally get the nutrients you need from your diet, but many do struggle to do so. Supplements can help you address the gaps you may have, and deficiencies of some nutrients can leave us more susceptible to infections or less able to shake off illness. The extra nutrients that supplements provide can prevent free radicals from harming healthy cells within the body, assist in the repair and regeneration of damaged cells and support renewal.

We’re going to take you through some of the best supplements to take during a pandemic and how they can support you:


Vitamin D

When taken regularly, vitamin D helps prevent the production of excessive inflammatory cytokines and amplifies the pathogen-fighting abilities of important white blood vells that provide your immune response. You can get vitamin D naturally through certain foods, or through exposing your body to sunlight. So, some health experts recommend taking a vitamin D supplement, especially as we have been indoors more than usual this year.


Turmeric Extract

Turmeric aids in making our immunity stronger. It has been long used as a health remedy in Southern Asian countries because of its excellent health-giving properties. The main ingredient, curcumin, is a phyto-derivative, because of its low percentage levels in standardized turmeric powder, it can be difficult to reap the benefits. Therefore, turmeric supplements can be a great addition to a routine with its anti-inflammatory qualities. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties also helps the body to defend itself by giving the immune system a boost.


Clinical No.16 Green Superfoods

Our bodies require a vast variety of micronutrients which can enhance the capacity of the immune system. As 80% of the body’s immune system is in the gut, it is important to maintain a strong gut and good digestion. No.16 Green Superfoods is a unique blend of 16 natural green foods that have been individually selected for their high micronutrient value that can support and boost immune function.


No.15 Red Superfruits

Antioxidants can protect against cell damage that free radicals can cause and are also thought to boost overall health. There is some evidence to suggest that nutritional supplements can reduce the risk or severity of viral infections by boosting immune response. No.15 Red Superfruits is rich in naturally occurring antioxidant compounds, with some of the key benefits including reducing free radical damage and strengthening the immune system.   


Complete Collagen

Many of us have taken up daily walking throughout the pandemic, and sometimes you might feel that you have no energy to get yourself out and moving. Complete Collagen is a collagen gel that supports both your skin and body. With its added vitamins and minerals, it can contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, while also supporting your body to move with ease during daily exercise and activities.

Introducing supplements can be a great way for you to get the essential nutrients your body needs if you struggle to get them through your diet. By supporting your immune system, you are giving your body the opportunity to gear up to handle viral infections and keep it in optimum shape – whether that be during a pandemic, or in post-covid life.

Love Beautology xx

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