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Agera RX

Agera RX

Agera RX Skin Care Products

We are delighted to tell you that the fabulous Agera RX skin care products are now available online at the Beautology Shop, just add your favourite products to your ‘Cart’ to get started.

Want to know what Agera RX skin care products are right for your skin?

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All About Agera RX skin care products

Agera is derived from the ancient Greek word ageratos, which translates to “not to age”. The comprehensive Agera RX skin care range includes active skin care products to target a variety of concerns including ageing, pigmentation and acne.

Agera® has been produced after ten years of research by a team of chemists, biomedical scientists and physicians ensuring thorough testing and scientific validation.

Why Beautology loves Agera RX skin care products

Agera Rx is Beautology approved! All products are formulated with high-grade active ingredients to target a variety of skin conditions. Agera RX products are also created alongside leading research and science. We love that all claims made by Agera RX products are backed by real science!

Agera Rx Anti-Ageing Solutions

Agera® anti-ageing skin care has been scientifically proven to penetrate and stimulate the skin for rapid, visible results.

Powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage,while retinols of varying strengths smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Growth factor peptides, avilable exculsively to Agera®, help to control the skins internal ageing process while restoring and maintaining its thickness and resilience. Using tiny particles in bioemulsions, Agera® skincare encapsulates these powerful anti-ageing ingredients and ensures they penetrate deep into the skin.

Agera Rx Pigmentation Solutions

After years of scientific research Agera has formulated pigmentation control treatments to effectively reduce the activity of melanocytes, the cells in the skin that produce pigment. Natural active ingredients such as Kojic acid, Arbutin and Methyl Gentisate help reduce the apprenence of pigmintation in even the most sensitive skin.

Free radicals are the damaging agents that disrupt the normal function of skin cells. They can be caused by sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors. Agera contains powerful antioxidants that have been proven to fight free radical damage. Regular use will help prevent pigmentation formation and correct damage to collagen and elastin caused by sun exposure.

Agera Rx Acne Solutions

Agera® is a revolutionary method for treating acne with a combination of skin peels and advanced skin care products. This system of skin peels and skin care products has been clinically proven to reduce bacteria, blocked pores and skin discolouration associated with acne. It is essential to rapidly control acne symptons to reduce scaring.

Agera® formulations use highly active peptides to eliminate bacteria that causes acne while stimulating collagen and elastin without causing irritation. Agera® cleansers have been specifically formulated for oily and acne prone skin leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.