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Lack of Firmness

As we get our skin will start to feel a lack of firmness. This is because the collagen and elastin in our skin is starting to break down and not work as well and our skin cells turnover slows down.

Your skin may start to feel loose and you may notice a bit of sagging in some areas, usually around the jawline and under the eye. You will also start to notice some fine lines and wrinkles which is another sign that your skin is losing firmness. 

What causes lack of firmness

Age is the most common reason. Gravity starts to take its toll and everything does not work as quickly as it used it. Another common cause of your skin losing firmness is over exposure to the sun.

The sun is one of the main reasons why we age. The UV from the sun breaks down your elastin fibers which causes your skin to start to sag and stretch. 

Tips to help prevent lack of firmness

  • Apply moisturizer every day and drink lots of water. Keeping your skin soft and hydrated will help your skin lock in the moisture it needs to stay plump. 
  • Wear SPF every single day. It is most important to protect your skin from the harsh sun.
  • Eat a well balanced healthy diet. It is proven that too much sugar can malfunction your collagen production, essentially speeding up the aging process. 
  • Getting a full night's rest so your skin has the time it needs to recover. 
  • Using products with hyaluronic acid that will help keep your skin hydrated and boost your collagen and elastin production. 
  • Taking collagen supplements will help your skin from the inside to start to firm up again.
  • Start sooner rather than later on your products and supplements, your 20s is not too early, prevention is key.