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About Us

How can Beautology help you?

Do you have specific concerns like acne, rosacea, pigmentation or lines and wrinkles?

  • Are you looking to delay or even reverse the signs of ageing?
  • Is choosing home-care products made more difficult because of your skin type (dry, oily or combination skin)?
  • Do you need help with body concerns such as slimming. cellulite or stretch-marks?
  • Have you read every article, been on every website and spent hours on the internet searching for the right home-care products for you and been overwhelmed with the information?
  • Have you actually purchased products on the back of the advertising you’ve seen to be simply underwhelmed with the results? The products have not lived up to their billing and maybe weren’t the right products for you in the first place?
  • Are you having professional treatments but are not sure that the brands the clinic hold are actually up-to the task?
  • Are you nervous about spending your hard-earned cash on products that just might not work?

Wouldn't it be great if...

You could get independent expert skin and body advice..

You could purchase the correct products that make a difference and do the job..

You didn’t need to stress over your homecare regime ever again

Who is Beautology?











Educare University

Who is Beautology?

Bristol's Leading Skin and Aesthetics Skin, Body and Aesthetics Clinics since 1990. With 30 years experience in the industry.

Educare University

Independent Expert

Beautology’s philosophy is building relationships that are: Win-win (Both Beautology and client benefits equally), and long term!

Educare University

Our Promise To You

We promise to: Provide expertise in the skin and body, Trial and test the ‘Best in class’ products for all skin types. We genuinely ‘care’ about you.

To Have Such Relationships We Promise To. 

  • Provide expertise in the skin and body
  • Trial and test a multitude of international skin and body brands to determine ‘Best in class’ products for all skin types and concerns so that you don’t need to waste your time and money doing it
  • Genuinely ‘care’ about you the client by giving ‘time’ to each client to ensure correct prescription.Finding out what are YOUR key concerns is just as important as what the ‘expert’ feels your concernsshould be!
  • Be available for regular check-ups to adjust your regime as your skin or body changes due to suchthings as seasons, hormones and the process of aging
  • Not have any financial allegiances to any brands so we are able to source and prescribe the bestproducts for your concerns without external pressure
  • If you find that a particular product is not suited to you, we will find one that is
  • Give excellent ‘price’ value through packages and a membership program that gives affordabilitygenerally unmatched elsewhere

Best In Class

We don’t just sell ‘any’ home-care products, we have meticulously trialled most if not all of the top brands and have concluded that:

  •  Some brands are simply better than others
  • Some products within a single brand are ‘best in class’ products and some are not
  • There’s a real misunderstanding about the difference between ‘cosmetic over the counter products that sit in the epidermis without being fully absorbed’ and ‘Cosmeceuticals which are pharmaceutical grade products with active ingredients that get absorbed fully into the skin and hence gives optimum results.’

When we say ‘best in class’ we mean a number of things:

  • Brands - We are constantly trialling cosmeceutical products from international brands to determinewhich products we believe are the best products for particular skin types and concerns
  • Daily Regime - We have structured products into the ideal ‘standard daily skincare regime’ of the‘Core 4’, as well as ‘homecare accelerators’ that help to accelerate the results.
  • Price points - We have tested brands in different price ranges and classed them into three price points– budget, normal and premium to suit every budget. For budgets that are even tighter we have made clear the‘must haves’ by reducing the ‘Core 4’ to the ‘Key 3’ and ‘Crucial 2’ where necessary, as well as giving key tips asto maximising the longevity of the products.
  • Membership - In addition to all of the above we have developed the unique ‘Skin-time’ membership which gives ultimate (i) value, (ii) easy to pay monthly payments, (iii) quarterly delivery to your door and (iv)Ongoing consultation availability for changes in your skin.

Products or Brands?

Many people stick to one brand using the same products for years. This can be counter-productive for the following reasons:

  • While a brand may have one or two excellent products within in a particular range they often haveproducts that are not quite as good in that range as well (eg. While a cleanser and serum could begreat, an SPF and night cream may be as good as products from another brand)
  • Beautology believes that whatever range of products you purchase they should ALL be ‘best in class’ –Best Cleanser, Best Serum, Best SPF and Best Night cream – For YOUR SKIN
  • This might mean that some of those products are from different brands, as long as they work welltogether – to get the best results.
  • Skin gets bored – Over time skin may become accustomed to the ingredients within a certain product,and results can diminish. Periodically updating the products within your regime can give your skin atimely boost giving visually improved results
  • Seasons - Skin changes throughout the year and may require different help depending upon theseason. An example of this is have you ever noticed that your skin through the winter months is drierthan during summer and requires products providing more hydration than normal
  • Ageing – The skin’s needs in our twenties are drastically different than those needs in our fifties.Knowing when, what and how to introduce changes is key to those changes providing benefits

What If I Already Know The Products I Want?

If you know the products you want and you love them… great, you can purchase them individually or throughthe Skintime Membership from the website.However if like many people you are unsure of what products are best for you or the results you get from yourexisting products diminish over time then having your very own personal skin expert to turn to for confidentialhelp and advice can be invaluableWe understand that you know your skin and you know what you want better than anyone else so if you wantall products from one brand, or one product over another that is great. If you get what you want then we getwhat we want. Simple.

What Type Of Consultation?

Consultations can be performed by phone, Zoom, or by clicking a link you can fill out our unique online consultation form that asks the relevant questions and gives us the answers we need to prescribe the perfect home-care regime.

Such information gives your expert the opportunity to truly understand:

  • The health and condition of your skin
  • The factors determining your skin health and condition
  • Your major (and minor) concerns
  • And most importantly your GOALS

This information will enable your personal Skincare Expert to create a bespoke skin regime for you from the curated products we have chosen at Beautology shop and the best news is your empowering Skin Consultation is completely FREE WITH NO OBLIGATION TO BUY ANYTHING. As a leading Skin and Body Aesthetic Clinic based in Bristol and established in 1990, we have over 30 years experience within the industry, therefore, providing with clinic standard knowledge and expertise that cannot be found in normal ‘online shops’.Experience has taught us that different brands have different strengths and weaknesses and one brand aloneIS NOT the be all and end all for most people’s skin. As a rule, most brands have certain products that are good for certain skin types.

  • Skin types (eg. Dry, oily, acne, normal, combination), and
  • Concerns (eg. Aging, pigmentation, acne)
  • Product types (eg. Cleansers, Serums, Creams, SPFs and eye creams)

Beautology’s allegiance is with you the client and not with any particular brand or product range. Thisindependence, expertise and passion put us in a unique position of being able to help you achieve your skinand body goals on your terms.

Beautology’s Curated Products

All the products on the Beautology shop are guaranteed as to quality and as per the manufacturer’s warrantee.Most of the products on the Beautology shop use pharmaceutical grade and dermatologist-recommended, active ingredients to be used with certain skin types and situations.As everyone’s skin is different we cannot guarantee that products purchased will work for each individual customer’s needs, especially if the products were not designed for your particular skin type or circumstance in the first place. They have been chosen for their efficacy and results based upon being used on the correct SKINTYPE and in the correct skin REGIME.We understand that unless you are a professional skincare therapist with experience in professional cosmeceutical products, you probably need a little help along the way in order to not make a mistake and choose the wrong products for your skin or budget.

With that said we constantly work to ensure you purchase the correct products for your skin type by providing:

  • Manufacturer information
  • TIncreasingly we are performing Beautology ‘Tried & Tested’ Reviews comparing different productsand brands and giving you our findings
  • Client Testimonials and reviews
  • Complimentary Consultations through Zoom, phone or online questionnaire

If you have any further questions or you would like to book a free consultation then contact us though:

Phone: 0117 9500500

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