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buy FOREO UFO 2 at Beautology Online.
buy FOREO UFO 2 at Beautology Online.
buy FOREO UFO 2 at Beautology Online.


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Beautology Online Shop are authorised Foreo stockists. Unsure of which products are best for you and your skin type? Click here to have a complimentary online consultation with one of our specialists or call us on 0117 2900 230 or email us at for more information.


With T-Sonic facial massaging, full spectrum LED light therapy (5 more colours than the original UFO) upgraded tech, faster heating and cooling and optimized app-led treatments, UFO 2 is like the Swiss Army Knife of the beauty world. UFO 2’s hyper-infusion technology drives mask essence deeper into your face to get nutrients down where they work best – below the surface. Add it all up and you get the most comprehensive mask treatment on the planet, in just two minutes or less.


  • The Foreo UFO 2 contains
  • T-Sonic Power
  • Thermo-Therapy
  • High Speed Mask Making


Full Spectrum LED Light Therapy 

Each of UFO 2's contain 8 coloured lights is proven to build collagen, banish dark circles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles etc.

Directions of use

Connect the app


Connect the app via Bluetooth
and press the universal power button
to unlock and register your UFO 2
device for first time use.