Skin Peels: Beautologys' guide

Skin Peels: Beautologys' guide

Skin Peels

What do they do?

Skin peels rejuvenate the skin by applying naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to remove dead skin cells and leave a layer of brighter and exfoliated skin. This leaves you looking refreshed with smoother and softer skin!

Here at Beautology we have a wide range of Skin Peels to suit all skin types and concerns which include world famous brands such as iSclinical, HolyLand and IMAGE Skincare. 

We've put together some information about each Peel we offer which gives an insight to what each one is all about and the benefits the peel brings! We hope you find it helpful. 

What are Skin peels all about?

Skin Peels are designed to resurface the skin through a chemical reaction when a mild acid is applied to the skin.

As part of keeping healthy the skin is constantly shedding, however when certain active ingredients are applied, the skin peels at a faster rate than normal and new skin replaces the old. This new skin is smoother, less wrinkled and clearer with fewer blemishes than the older skin that was removed.

The active ingredients used are usually natural in their substance being created from fruit or vegetables and can range from mild to strong. The different ingredients determine the performance and effectiveness as well as it’s focus. For example some peels are ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth, others can treat damage caused by the sun such as pigmentation, sun spots, dark patches and freckles (also caused by pregnancy and contraceptive pills), others reduce scarring, reduce acne and can improve the look and feel of skin that is dull in colour and texture. 

Skin peels are therefore very flexible and adaptable and are widely used in the aesthetic industry, however as most people have a combination of issues ingredients are best combined to achieve multiple results.

At Beautology these are what we've got on offer!



(All skin types, inc sensitive, rosacea)

A pharmaceutical grade vitamin C and enzyme cocktail. This groundbreaking facial treatment gently resurfaces, smoothes and soothes the skin, leaving it lighter, brighter and tighter.

Enzymatic peels utilise gently exfoliating fruit-based enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells, support skin cell renewal and soften skin texture with minimal irritation.



(All skin types inc pregnant, post illness, stressed, teens, sensitive)

Enzyme Peptide energising facial treatment focussing on re-balancing, re-hydrating & brightening. Delicious organic ingredients of passion fruits, papaya, green tea, mango & pineapple enzymes for a pure skin therapy treat.


(All skin types inc pregnant, unbalanced, teens, menopause) 

A blend of papaya, and mango, this non-chemical skin peel naturally rebalances, regenerates and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.


(All skin types) 
This is a deep cleansing, resurfacing treatment based on natural AHA that is derived from blueberries, oranges, lemon and sugar cane. 


(All skin types, ageing, oily, problematic)
This powerful triple action fruit derived facial treatment resurfaces, rebuilds, refines and revitalises the complexion, resulting in a fresher, younger and radiant skin. This Skin Treatment is fantastic on congested, uneven skin texture, sun damage, and aged skin.


This is an intensive botanical resurfacing treatment with unique combination of pharmaceutical grade serums & complexes to optimise & improve skin.

The treatment is a combination of masques. Firstly an extremely powerful, warm Intensive Resurfacing Masque, the "FIRE" part is used. This is formulated with Sugar Cane Extract (potent natural source of Glycolic Acid), Retinol (Vitamin A) & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).

This is followed by the second stage, the "ICE" which is a cooling and Rejuvenating Masque. This is formulated with potent antioxidants, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Grape Seed & Rosemary Extract. This second stage soothes, hydrates and nourishes.


We hope that this post has been useful and that we can get you booked in for a treatment so you can feel your best this party season! Don't forget your aestheticians are always here to help you decide what's best for your skin and your concerns! 




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