Top 10 sunscreen mistakes you’re making and don’t know it

Top 10 sunscreen mistakes you’re making and don’t know it


 Skin that is unprotected can be damaged by UV rays in as little as 15 minutes.

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  1. You wear SPF ONLY when it’s sunny

Whether you’re at the beach, driving in the car or strolling through the park.

It's the UV rays doing the damage not the temperature!
That means wearing SPF even on the cloudy days.

Applying sunscreen every day helps slow down the process of aging. Which overall leaves you with a smoother skin complexion. It greatly prevents sun damage which can cause sun spots and discolouration.

  1. You only apply once

Reapply every 2 hours because the sun can dry it off the skin.

No matter what the bottle says, even if it says it’s water resistant or that it lasts all day, to stay fully protected allow for top ups throughout the day.

You may need to reapply more often if you’re sweating or swimming.

  1. Use enough sunscreen

One squeeze just won’t cut it!

Half a teaspoon for your face and then one for each body part e.g. leg, arm, back.

2 tablespoons for the whole body when wearing swim suits.

Other measurements for your face include:

  • Enough to fill bottom of shot glass
  • Two lines on whole length of your middle and index finger
  1. Using only makeup as your SPF

Remember we spoke about reapplying…

How often are you going to be doing that with your foundation mixed SPF.

Let’s be honest, for full coverage you’re going to be using a lot of your foundation mixed SPF.

SPF 30 mixed with makeup is not as good as pure SPF 30!

If you’re worried about an oily face use our matte SPF.

  1. Forgetting to do the whole body

Some hidden gems we forget are:
  • backs of knees
  • ears
  • backs of hands
  • scalp
  • feet and toes
  • neck
  • lips – we love using the IMAGE complex lip product to hydrate our lips.
  1. Using less than 30SPF

30SPF is the minimum for proper protection.

You can’t cheat your way around this thinking foundation SPF15 and then foundation SPF15 will equal SPF30 in total.

  1. Using expired sunscreen

Well, this one says it all…

Chuck away that sunscreen you’ve had open this last years holiday.

  1. Only using a sunscreen with UVB and not broad protection with UVA

UVAging and UVBurning

Check out our most popular broad spectrum SPF50.

  1. Not waiting long enough before you go outside

Wait for 20-30 minutes for good absorbency before going out to enjoy the sunshine.

  1. Only using spray/mist sunscreen

As convenient as they are, we tend to put less of this on due to the application method therefore less protection which means higher risk of skin cancer.

Not to worry they are the perfect contestants for when you need a quick on the go top up.

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If you have any sun/age spots or other skin concerns.

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