Can my skin improve from exercise?

Can my skin improve from exercise?

Improving your skin through Exercise

It’s no secret; exercise is one of the major factors for keeping your mind, body and organs healthy. However, did you know it plays a major role in keeping your skin looking younger and more radiant?

The skin is the largest organ in your body, just as exercise helps your other organs stay strong, it helps your skin defend itself against ageing and other environmental damage. All whilst giving you that after workout glow!

When you exercise your heart rate increases causing blood to circulate throughout the body faster. As the blood circulates it delivers oxygen and nutrients to the active cells, these nutrients nourish and protect the skin as well as promoting stronger collagen production. Increased collagen production vital to help slow down the ageing process. Also, with an improved blood flow your body is able to remove more harmful free radicals that are damaging to the skin, think of it as a cleanse for your skin from the inside.

The discussion on sweating is divided, is sweating is good for the skin or not? We can confirm as long as you are cleansing your skin before and after your workouts, it is. When we sweat it is our body’s way of cooling down and in doing so, it pushes impurities out through the layers of our skin, helping clear your skins pores for a more radiant glow.

  • Clean before a workout

To allow your skin to freely breath and avoid sweat mixing with makeup and other impurities that have built up prior to exercise that could cause your pores to become clogged.

  • Clean your skin immediately after a workout

To take advantage of the sweat and impurities your body has just expelled from your pores and you need to remove them for your pores to stay clean and clear.

Working out is also important for helping to control your blood sugar levels and reduce stress hormones. Stress is known to exacerbate skin concerns: making your skin appear dull or tired, causing breakouts and flare ups of eczema etc. Not only do negative emotions make us feel bad but they can also leave tell-tale signs on our faces. Getting your body moving is great way to boost your mental health - not just stress. Regular exercise is proven to help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety so why not add a little walk, class, run or weights session to give some release to the everyday stresses. Remember: with exercise don’t need to put yourself under too much pressure, start slow and find your own rhythm, you can always build up.

No matter how much exercise you undertake and how resilient your skin is, it will never be a match for the sun. The sun is the number one reason why our skin ages quicker, it increases the appearance of age spots, sun damage and breaks down your collagen leading to lines and wrinkles. This is why if we are exercising outside or near windows, we need to be wearing sunscreen SPF.

We should be wearing sunscreen at all times when it is daylight but especially if you are outside in the direct sun. Don’t forget, when you sweat your sunscreen will wear off, therefore we need to be reapplying regularly. There are so many different options for sunscreens now. Daily moisturizers often have SPF options that will help keep your PH levels balanced. There are also waterproof sunscreens to help make them last longer when sweating.

How to get the most out of exercising for healthier skin:

  • Having a well-balanced diet

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function the most efficiently.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is important for basic cell function; it increases energy and brain function. Water is responsible for skin elasticity, flushing out toxins and reducing oil production – leaving you with a youthful healthy glow.

  • Using proper products for your skin type and concerns

If you have a regular skin regime and are cleansing before and after your workouts, then there is no need to worry that your skin will have any exercise related problems

  • Doing body and mind calming activities

After a workout will help your body relax and keep your skin calm, stretching is the go-to for most people but you could also try meditation and yoga.

  • Having a goal

Working towards a goal can help keep you motivated and to make sure you want to keep working out. Your goal could be anything from walking or running a 5km, swimming a mile or deadlifting your body weight – that last one is not for the faint heart.

Happy Head > Happy Heart > Happy Skin

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