What is the difference between the Foreo Bear and the Foreo Bear Mini?

What is the difference between the Foreo Bear and the Foreo Bear Mini?

What is the difference between the Foreo Bear and the Foreo Bear Mini?

Foreo has a new and exciting microcurrent range. It is called ‘Bear’ and it is a shock free treatment taking anti-aging to the next level.

This energizing treatment makes for tighter and brighter skin with the use of electrifying microcurrent technology. Using t-sonic and microcurrent pluses to exercise the muscles in your face and neck. Bear is currently the most effective and safest microcurrent device in the world. It has customizable facial workouts and the patented t-sonic pulsation increases circulation deep into the pore to help eliminate tension, toxins and give you a smoother softer glow. The Bear's comfortable design makes it adaptable to any face shapes and contours of the neck. This hygienic silicone spa level treatment offers up to 90 uses per USB charge and needs no additional attachments.

What is microcurrent exactly? This treatment uses low voltage electricity to promote new cell growth. It comes through as pluses on your muscles causing them to have a workout, this stimulates your collagen which helps tighten your skin and help fade away fine lines and wrinkles.

Foreo Bear comes in the color of bright fuschia, it has 5 intensity levels and is recommended for entire face and neck use. Where the Foreo Bear mini comes in the colours of lavender and pink pearl, has 3 intensity settings and is recommended for more small areas of concern usage. To use all you need to do is download the app, watch the tutorial and link your Bear. From there you can just the device to click on and off as well as turn up the pulse intensity. Always make sure to watch the tutorial and use the device in an upward and outward stroke. You must also use a serum underneath the device. Foreo Serum Serum Serum, is a recommended choice as it is extremely hydrating and anti aging, it will work alongside the Bear perfectly to leave you a beautiful youthful glow.

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