8 Reasons Wearing Sunscreen is Important

8 Reasons Wearing Sunscreen is Important

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If you are lucky enough to spend time in the sun this bank holiday weekend then the information below could be the most important two minutes read you could do today.

Alternatively, our Clinic Manager Poppy met with Charline from Image Skincare to talk all things SPF >> Watch here.

8 Reasons Wearing Sunscreen is Important

1. It keeps you looking young.

Did you know the number-one cause of premature aging of the face is ultraviolet exposure? By wearing sunscreen, you are slowing down the development of wrinkles and leathery skin.

2. Sunscreen keeps your skin tone even.
In addition to slowing aging of the skin, sunscreen prevents facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

3. The ozone layer is depleting.
The ozone acts as a sun shield for the earth by absorbing harmful UVB rays before they reach the ground. As the ozone layer depletes, your body needs added protection from these harmful rays.

4. Wearing sunscreen sets an example for your kids.
By the time children are 18, children will have racked up a lot of time in the sun. Help protect them, and yourself, by making sun safety a priority.

5. Sunscreen is important for all skin types.
Even if you don’t burn easily, wearing sunscreen is still important. Sunburn is an immediate reaction, but sun damage occurs over a lifetime. 

6. Sunscreen is more convenient than ever.
With so many sunscreen options, including sprays and sunscreen that is built into moisturiser, applying sunscreen is more convenient than ever. Just be sure to reapply every two hours and after a swim, even if you are using the water-resistant kind.

7. Sunscreen protects you from more than sunburn.
If you have ever had sunburn, you understand just how unpleasant red, burning skin can be. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are two other extremely nasty health issues that can arise from extended sun exposure. Sunscreen, in combination with other precautions such as increased consumption of water, can help you avoid these issues, which can lead to nausea, muscle cramps and even brain damage if left untreated.

8. It decreases your risk of developing deadly cancer.
We have all heard about the dangers of the sun, but did you know skin cancer is one of the most common form of cancer in the world? In many countries one in five people will be diagnosed with skin cancer, and this number is growing due to increased ultraviolet exposure from the sun and tanning beds.
Still not convinced you need to lather up before your next outing?

Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. This is especially true of the deadliest form, melanoma, which is responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths.

Selecting the Right Sunscreen
The key to great protection is a great product. Many high street products don’t protect skin from UVA and UVB rays as well as blue light and environmental stressors. So using one that does is a key factor.

After years of research Beautology recommends the 100% mineral filters with Image Skincare’s Digital Aging Defense formula offers an invisible finish with a weightless feel that also hydrates while protecting skin.

It comes both in a cream or spray with a built in moisturiser and has various versions specific for all skin types.


Whatever you use this week…. use it…and don't be stingy slap it on!

Take care, keep safe and don’t burn!!

Love Beautology xx

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