I would appreciate your help and advice

I would appreciate your help and advice

Hi Friends.

I hope you are keeping safe and sane during the extended lock-down.

We all at Beautology are looking forward to seeing you again and helping you in any way we can.

I would however appreciate your help and advice.

As in my previous email, we are working hard behind the scenes to develop the online Beautology shop (www.beautologyshop.co.uk) where we have already added all the ‘Image Skincare’ products that can now be purchased online and delivered direct to your door.

We are also delighted to say that we have now engaged a number of other brands and added them to the website to fully give everyone the most comprehensive range of ranges to choose from on the market.

With that in mind what product ranges would YOU like us to offer and stock?

We would be delighted to add to the website whatever products within the Aesthetic, beauty and slimming market that you would like us to offer and supply them on a local basis to you our special clients.

We’d really appreciate your thoughts and guidance, so please have a think and get back to me with your ideas.

Kind regards,

Nick Hayward

PS. No request is a bad request – If you want it, we’ll try you supply it!!

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