EARTH DAY | What is the multibillion-dollar cosmetic industry doing for our world?

EARTH DAY | What is the multibillion-dollar cosmetic industry doing for our world?

Recycling has never been more important. In a world full of plastic and waste with nowhere to put it, we need to be doing everything we can to help tackle this issue.

As we learn more about the negative impact human beings are having on the earth, the greater the determination to do something about it but it is easy to feel helpless – as one person, what can we do? Well, if you put it into the context of 8 million people saying “it’s only one cup” you start to understand the gravity of the problem we are creating. If, just half of those people switched to a reusable cup, that’s 4 million less cups in landfill.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Evidence is all around that our perspectives are shifting and we’re making better choices. The cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars, even they are realising that it imperative to make changes to protect our environment. What better way to help people understand the importance of sustainability than having one of the most popular industries take the step towards a more ecofriendly world.

The meaning of Sustainability is to avoid the depletion of our natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. To be sustainable we need to meet our own needs by not compromising the resources we use. In the beauty industry, to be sustainable companies need to replant what they take to make ingredients, they need to use recyclable packaging so they are not contributing to waste, and they need to make sure no harm has come to the environment to make these products. Humans have been using our world as if it is disposable for far too long now and we are running out of resources for future generations to grow with.

The beauty industry companies are making huge changes to making their products eco-friendly, harmless to animals and sustainable. Brands have started with making changes to their packaging. More and more companies are making sure to use less plastic and more recyclable or compostable materials. More steps are being taken to make sure no harmful toxins and chemicals are being used that harm the environment. Growing organic ingredients that cause zero deforestation is becoming a priority. Mircrobeads are becoming a thing of the past, which were tiny plastic particles in our soaps and face washes that were extremely harmful and polluting our oceans and fish. In 2018 a law was passed outlawing the production of microbeads.

One of the biggest changes starting to happen is more brands are using renewable energy for their manufacturing. Using wind-powered or solar panels to source energy to the manufacture, a cleaner and more sustainable way to use energy to create products. This cuts down on toxic pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

Huge companies such as Garnier and Estee Lauder, were some of the first ones to start taking the necessary steps towards more sustainable packaging. L’Oreal is a brand known worldwide and the company is over 100 years old. They have seen more changes in the industry and the environment than we could ever imagine. They did not just stop once they reached their packaging to be recyclable or compostable and ingredients to be environmentally friendly. In 2020 they became completely deforestation free. They have also made a commitment to the world that by 2030 they want to have made an impact on the world by helping scientific experts be able to have what they need to get our water, climate, biodiversity and natural resources back in the right direction to what our world needs to survive and thrive again.


Some of Beautology's favourite brands are extremely environmentally friendly and keen on helping the world work toward a more sustainable future.

  • Medik8

A UK cosmetic company passionate about being sustainable and eco-friendly. Their goal is to achieve 100% zero waste by 2023, they are actively reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, and every product is made 100% vegan.

  • Image skin care
  • Jane Iredale
  • Intraceuticals
  • Heliocare

…to name just a few of the many companies making sure they are doing their part at becoming more sustainable and making sure to recycle.


There are things we can all do at home to help be more sustainable.

  • Be cautious of your water use, turn the tap off when brushing our teeth or washing our hair.
  • When removing make-up, use biodegradable wipes.
  • Check for ingredients like Palm Oil were sustainably sourced, if they were, it will say on the package. Palm oil is one of the biggest ingredients that cause deforestation. Huge parts of the rainforest are cut down to grow these particular trees.
  • Checking for words such as organic, this means the product was made free of harmful chemicals which makes it safer for the environment and for your skin.
  • Follow the recycling instructions on the packaging and bottles you are using.
  • Check with your brands about their policies, some offer incentives when you return bottles. MAC makeup gives you a free lipstick when you return any 6 empty containers. Lush, John Lewis and Kiehl’s also have their own incentives for recycling.

Our earth is struggling because of us, therefore it is our duty to help and do everything we can to fix it.

If the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry cares enough to make positive change, then so should we – if we all did better imagine where we’d be?

It is as simple as starting with buying apples not wrapped in plastic to reusing the bottles your products came in for something else.

Please reduce, reuse and recycle, our earth depends on it.

Love Beautology xx

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