Medik8 | Bakuchiol Peptides Serum is now available!

Medik8 | Bakuchiol Peptides Serum is now available!

This lightweight, oil and plant based serum is your new alternative to retinol. Bakuchiol is an oil that is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant, which grows mostly throughout India. It shows similar properties to what Vitamin A does for your skin. But unlike Vitamin A, Bakuchiol can be used day and night as well on pregnant and nursing mothers. Also if you have extremely sensitive skin this serum will help soothe instead of irritate which Vitamin A can do to a sensitive skin condition.


The key benefit this serum provides is reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bakuchoil’s structure is similar to a retinol, it helps to stimulate your collagen and elastin production. It helps to visibly plump the skin as well as leaving the skin soft and smooth. It also has calming benefits, it can reduce inflammation and redness throughout the skin, leaving you with a more even complexion.


The bakuchiol is blended with some other key ingredients to help get the most out of this powerhouse oil. It works alongside Centella Asiatica, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps heal the skin as well as stimulate your collagen and elastin. Brighting peptide precursors are also found in this serum to help keep the skin bright by blocking the production of pigment in the skin. To help hold these amazing ingredients in the skin we have Inka Omega Oil. A rich fatty acid that the restores your skin natural barrier and helps to prevent moisture loss.


How to use:

Massage 6 drops of it across your face, neck and decolletage before you apply your moisturiser. Use this soothing anti aging serum morning and night after cleaning.


This product is vegan friendly, paraben free, has no artificial fragrances, synthetic colours or phthalates.

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