What is a Cosmeceutical Product and What are the Benefits?

What is a Cosmeceutical Product and What are the Benefits?

We often get asked what the difference is between our skin care products at the clinic and ones from pharmacies and department stores? As people often say why spend more money on products when the ones from a pharmacy says it does the same thing and is half the price?

To fully understand the benefits of using products from a clinic or authorised online stockists you need to understand the difference between cosmeceutical and cosmetics products.
Cosmetics are the products you are buying from pharmacies and department stores. These products are not allowed to formulate products that deeply penetrate the skin. They only treat the skin's surfaces, therefore if you have deep skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation then these products will not be able to do anything to cure it. They may be able to keep the skin clean, protected and maintain its outer appearance but these products cannot penetrate deep enough to actually fix the problem for good.
Cosmeceutical products are products you are buying from clinics and associated authorised online stockists. These products are allowed to be formulated with active ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and botanical extracts to be able to penetrate deep into the skin because you have someone who will recommend you the product and how to use it. In a pharmacy anyone can grab anything off the shelf, therefore the cosmetic companies cannot make anything too strong so that anyone can just use them and not get a reaction. Where at a clinic or spa we do proper analysis of the skin and are able to make sure you are using the right skin care for your skin type and condition. Our products can contain active ingredients that have an effect on the skin cell function and can penetrate deep into the epidermis and the dermis to help cure skin conditions. These products are formulated to give better skin results and are backed up by endless science research and trials to make sure they do what they say they will do. We are also allowed to have high doses of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, peptides and retinol.
At the end of the day you get what you pay for, purchasing products that are recommended to you by a skin professional will not only help cure your skin conditions from deep within but these products will help you be able to keep your youthful skin for longer.

The aging process starts deep within your skin, therefore if you are only treating the outside of your skin, you may notice your youthful glow fade away quicker than we would like.

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