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Tonik Skin Care Products

Hi, we’re delighted to tell you that the fabulous Tonik skin care products are now available online at the Beautology Shop, just add your favourite products to your ‘Cart’ to get started.

Want to know what Tonik skin care products are right for your skin?

Why not take the ‘Skin Test’ (above) and an Aesthetician from the Beautology Skin & Laser Clinic will send you expert bespoke advice.

Alternatively, for a quick chat with an expert or to arrange an online consultation either: click on the ‘Live Chat’ tab, fill in the ‘Send us a message’ box, tel: 0117 2900230 or email: and we’ll be happy to help!

If you want to know more about the Tonik Range click ‘see more’ below: 

All About Tonik skin care products

Tonik is a brand of wellness supplements with the goal to lift your mood, nourish your skin, boost your brain and fill gaps in your diet. Tonik products are sustainably formulated with the cleanest, highest quality and most bioavailable Ayurvedic ingredients.

Whatever’s going on – blemishes, sluggish digestion, brain fog, poor sleep – Tonik offers personalised solutions to your health and beauty problems, so you can become the healthiest, happiest, glowiest version of you.

Why Beautology love Tonik skin care products

Tonik skin care products Beautology approved! Tonik products provide the ultimate nutrition for your brain, beauty and body. Every Tonik product is formulated without toxic preservatives, flavourings, additives, artificial colours, bulking agents, synthetic fillers, gluten and sweeteners to our formulas.

More about Tonik skin care products

The complete Tonik range is pharmacist approved, formulated with organic ingredients, gluten & allergen free, non GMO, clinically formulated and sustainability sourced.

We’re a family-owned, Australian wellness company dedicated to helping you achieve outrageously glowy health. We combine scientific credibility, innovative green manufacturing and 100% plant-based ingredients to deliver the most effective clean supplements like never before.

Premium Quality

We’ve chosen each nutrient, dosage and form based on quality and necessity, and our ingredients are bioactive and bioavailable — great news for your body. Even our plants are harvested at peak potency. But it doesn’t stop there. Once produced, our capsules are regularly tested for purity, heavy metals, chemicals and common allergens, too.

No Bad Stuff

We left out the crappy stuff, so you can get more of the good stuff. Our ingredients are Non-GMO, 100% organic, 100% natural, gluten free & plant-based. Our active ingredients are bioactive (meaning they’re easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (better assimilated for maximum benefits). 

Down To Earth

Our organic ingredients are responsibly sourced around the world and farmed without pesticides or fertilisers. We manufacture our products in an immaculate sustainable certified facility that ticks all of the eco boxes. We use carbon neutral shipping methods and infinitely recyclable packaging materials. We always take our planet into account with the intention to do better.

All In One

You might be wondering, why only one key ingredient in each capsule? With a single-ingredient supplement, each ingredient is included at the dose required to make real, effective change as demonstrated through human clinical trials. 

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