Vitual Consultation


If you want to make sure that the products you purchase are ideally suited to your skin and are going to help you achieve the results you want, then book your FREE ‘Virtual Consultation’ with one of Beautology’s Skin and Body experts.

Purchasing products for your skin is an investment.

As with most investments getting expert advice helps us make the right choices. Wrong products can be costly mistakes, as good products aren’t cheap and the wrong product for your skin won’t improve your skin and might result in negative effects!

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“I have been unhappy with my skin for years and just didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine told me to have a Zoom Consultation with Beautology, so I plucked up the courage and made a booking. Mariya was so helpful and caring with me, I learned loads of tips and information about my skin-type and also what were the best products I should use. The products I purchased have been perfect and I now love my skin. Thank you.” Alice Stains

What is a ‘Virtual Consultation’? | Consultation Overview 

With: A Beautology Expert Aesthetician Duration: 30-45min

Via: Zoom, Google Hangout, Teams, Telephone etc

We are flexible and want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you would prefer over the telephone, we may request some recent photos of your skin so we can provide the best advice.

Cost: There is no cost, this service is complimentary with ZERO commitment to purchase our products.

The Best Advice is given in the Best Method which is – Face to Face
Face to Face virtual consultations gives your expert the opportunity to truly understand:

   1. The health of your skin
   2. The factors determining your skin health and condition
   3. Your major (and minor) concerns
   4. And most importantly your GOALS 

At this Zoom-style Consultation you will:

  1. Have the opportunity to ask questions privately and confidentially
  2. Get the answers to your questions with personalised advice that is bespoke and unique to YOU (based upon a completed ‘Skin Quiz’ questionnaire giving knowledge of your skin, health, diet and lifestyle)
  3. Be given a ‘personalised plan for your skin or body regime’ by email
  4. Build a relationship with a caring expert who understands you, your skin and your budget, who can help and guide you at any time now or in the future as your skin changes (eg. Due to weather, hormones, aging or stress)
  5. Be offered the chance to purchase a Skin Time Trial Box which contains two expert recommended trial products for each of the key three core products:
       * Cleanser
       * Serum/Cream
       * SPF
  6. Be offered the opportunity to purchase trial products or individual testers, if available in the manufacturer’s product range.
       * Trial products and individual testers allow you to test your new product(s) before making the decision to invest in a full-sized product.
       * Use the trial products for up to 7 days to determine whether it is right for your skin / body
       * We recommend you patch a small area for allergic reaction before starting your regime
       * Try alternative products within your Skin or Body Plan

We would love to be your Personal Skin Expert and it is so simple to get started!, it all starts with booking your complementary SKIN Consultation with one of our Aestheticians.

For more information or to book your consultation please click the link below, call or email us on the details below:

Tel: 0117 2900 230

Bespoke Skin Regime & Skin Time Trial

The information discussed in your consultation will enable your Personal Skincare Expert to create a bespoke skin regime for you, from the curated products we have chosen at Beautologyshop.

We understand that unless you are a professional skincare therapist with experience in professional cosmeceutical products, you probably need a little help along the way in order to now make a mistake and choose the wrong products for your skin or budget.

Our Skin Time TRIAL boxes contain the two best suited products for each of the three Core Products required in any skin regime:

   1. Cleanser
   2. Serum or cream
   3. SPF

As a leading Skin and Body Aesthetic Clinic based in Bristol and established in 1990, we have over 30 years’ experience within the industry, therefore, providing Beautologyshop with clinic standard knowledge and expertise that cannot be found in normal ‘online shops’.
Experience has taught us that different brands have different strengths and weaknesses and one brand alone IS NOT the be all and end all for most people’s skin. As a rule, most brands have certain products that are good for certain skin types.

We offer fortnight-long trial regime before you fully commit to buying your full-sized products.

Try out your skin expert recommended trial sized products, two per ‘product type’*, over a seven-day period and decide which product best suits your skin.

That way you can be confident you’re making an informed choice as to what product is best for you.


* Conditions Apply